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Pushout Bingo Cards

No bingo daubers or bingo chips are required. Each number is perforated for push out convenience. Pushout bingo paper cards are commonly used on cruise ships, restaurants, banquet halls, conference rooms, and at other social and professional gatherings.No mess. No fuss. Made from firm paper that will not fall over in your hands like copier, printer, and traditional newsprint paper. Players can stand and walk around during your bingo session. You can play the Pushout Bingo Paper Cards for multiple games by pushing back into place the tabs behind the numbers or play the 3ons, 4ons, and 6ons when playing 3, 4, or 6 games. Every game is played on a different card. For example; with the 3ons play the first game on the top card, second game on the middle card, and third game on the bottom.