Four Step Bingo Plan

Bingo Planning

The most frequent questions I receive are in regards to how to go about planning a bingo. The questions come from a wide cross-section of people representing schools, churches, non-profit organizations, businesses, assisted living facilities, private clubs, social organizations, bus trips, home parties, etc.

4 Steps to a Successful Bingo
Bingo Prizes - Bingo Game Patterns - Bingo Cards - Bingo Program
Here are the action steps.

Step 1. Bingo is all about the prizes!
The players have the most fun and their chances of winning increase when you have dozens of bingo prizes. The prize value does not matter as much as the number of prizes. Every player wants to be a winner.

Whenever possible, the prizes should be donated.

Tip! Most professional sports franchises have a community relations department that readily donates to community organizations.

If your organization makes purchases from local businesses give them a call and ask them when would be a good time for you to stop by. Do not tell them why you would like to talk to them. When you are face to face ask the store manager if you can display a poster advertising your bingo. Your poster will make the store look good in the eyes of the community.

The poster should include at a minimum the "Store name ... proudly supports ... name of your organization ... bingo party, event date, cost if any, time and location."

Let the store owner or manager know how much you appreciate their support by letting you display your poster. If they would like to participate more let the store owner know that you accept bingo prize donations and that all contributing stores will be announced and given recognition.

By the way, it's a lot easier for the store owner to softly disappoint when you contact them by email or phone. It's a lot harder in person.

Some businesses may not be prepared right at that moment to make a gift donation or do not know what would be appropriate. Suggest a monetary donation. Your group will make an appropriate prize purchase on their behalf.

After all the donations have been collected it's time to fill the gap with purchases.

Jackpot bingo supplies offers inexpensive bingo prizes that work perfectly. I know what you're thinking right now. Please understand. Jackpot bingo supplies receives numerous requests for donations every day. Our corporation, Novelty House, sells, services and donates to dozens of local Michigan charities. Unfortunately, we receive many more requests than we can fulfill.

Step 2. Winning Bingo Game Patterns
Bingo has come a long way since straight line, 5 in a row, bingo. The most popular 100 winning bingo game patterns are shown by clicking on the link Bingo Game Patterns. Next just match up your prizes with the bingo game patterns of your choice. The more ball calls required to win the more time the game will take. Usually the patterns requiring the most ball calls are associated with the most desirable prizes.

Quick note. Ties or splits (i.e. multiple winners) can happen even with unique non duplicate bingo cards playing game patterns requiring numerous ball calls. You will need a method to determine or settle ties. The best system is to have enough prizes for everyone so no one wins and then feels disappointed.

When Novelty House has sponsored events we displayed our prizes on tables in no particular order. When a guest won the winners had their choice of prize. The prizes chosen by the winner had little to do with perceived value. In other words, the winners selected what they wanted most and everyone left happy. Another method is to have a deck of poker cards on hand. The winners cut the deck and high card gets first choice of prize.

Step 3. Bingo Cards
At this point you have your prizes, your winning bingo game patterns and a system for handling ties. It's time to pick out the cards.

If you are planning on playing once a week for the years to come your best choice are bingo shutter cards.

If you are planning a one time event and do not want to buy bingo daubers or bingo chips then pushout paper bingo cards are the way to go.

If you want the players to use bingo daubers then you need bingo paper cards made from newsprint. The bingo paper cards can be purchased as all one color and cut. A cut is the number of cards per sheet. For example; 3 cards per sheet, 4 cards per sheet, 6 cards per sheet, etc.

Or the bingo paper cards can be purchased in books or packs containing a sequence of different colors with each color representing a separate game. If you buy books or packs just remember that all the players need to be playing the same color for the game. Never break up the pack and have the players playing different colors on the same game. Multiple colors in play on the same game can result in many, many winners on the same ball call. You can avoid a disaster by the proper use of a bingo product. When in doubt just give us a call or send us an email.

Step 4. Bingo Program

A bingo program is a printed program letting your players know the game sequence, winning patterns and prizes. Some groups sell advertising on their bingo program, sponsors so to speak. Fine but don't over do it with ads. A clean, well designed program will help move the event along in the right direction.

Customer Service
All of us at jackpot bingo supplies appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business. If you would like help or a better understanding of the game of bingo just give our customer service representatives a call at 1 800 633 4477 Monday through Friday, 8am - 4pm EST.