American Games Bingo Paper Game Cards - 2 cards - Blue - 750 sheets per pack, Made in USA

Bulk Pricing:

The American Games Bingo Paper Game Cards are a product that provides disposable paper bingo sheets for playing the game. Each pack contains 750 sheets, and each card has 2 bingo game cards printed on it. You receive 1500 total bingo cards. The color of the cards in this specific pack is blue.

These bingo cards are designed to be used with a dauber, which is a special ink marker used to mark the called numbers during gameplay. Players typically mark the numbers as they are called out, and the dauber ink provides a permanent mark on the paper.

Order 6 packages of 750 sheets each, which will give you a total of 4500 sheets, 9000 bingo cards. This will provide you with a complete set of bingo cards, and each card will be unique in some way. When you receive the order, you will get a full case of bingo cards, and there will be no duplicate cards within the case.

It's worth noting that these cards are proudly made in the USA, ensuring a domestic manufacturing source. They are suitable for various bingo game events or occasions where multiple players can participate.