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Bingo Cards

Bingo cards come in various forms to suit different preferences and needs. Here are the different types of bingo cards:

Hard Bingo Cards: Hard bingo cards are durable and designed to last for years. Players use markers or chips to cover the called numbers as the game progresses.

Slide or Shutter Cards: Slide or shutter cards are a popular alternative to traditional dauber or marker-based cards. They have a series of windows or shutters that can be easily slid or closed to cover the numbers as they are called. These cards eliminate the need for additional markers or chips and provide a convenient way to play bingo.

Disposable Newsprint Paper Bingo Cards: Disposable bingo cards are usually made of newsprint paper and are meant for one-time use.
Each type of bingo card offers its own advantages and may be preferred based on factors such as durability, convenience, and the number of players involved.

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