American Games Bingo Paper Game Cards - 4 cards - 20 sheets - 50 books per pack - 20 Colors, Made in USA

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The American Games Bingo Paper Game Cards are a set of disposable paper bingo sheets. Each sheet contains 4 cards, and the set includes 20 sheets in total. These sheets are collated into a padded book, with each book containing cards of 20 different colors.

The available colors for the bingo cards are Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Olive, Brown, Red, Purple, Black, Aqua, Lime, Tan, Blue Tint, Orange Tint, Green Tint, Yellow Tint, Pink Tint, and Grey Tint. The "Tint" colors refer to a light shaded background of the primary color, replacing white for a two-tone appearance.

The product is sold in packs of 50 books, shrink-wrapped for convenience. These cards are designed to be marked with a dauber, which is a popular tool for marking numbers during bingo games.

The bingo paper game cards are made using industry-standard newsprint paper and are meant for use in 20 bingo games. Additionally, the cards are made in the USA.